Prenatal & Family Chiropractic

Pregnancy can be a magical time for you. It can also be physically and emotionally challenging. With rapid changes in your body happening daily, you may experience a painful lower back, tight or rotated hips, pubic bone pressure, abdominal tension, sciatica, breast tenderness, and more. Emotionally, you might feel anxious, frightened, or overwhelmed by the sudden changes in your body and lifestyle.

Dr. Bobbi Jones specializes in Prenatal Chiropractic as well as Somatic Trauma Therapy for expecting and new mothers. Prenatal Chiropractic focuses on the alignment of your pelvis specifically, ensuring the hips are level, the lower back is decompressed, the uterus is relaxed and centered, and the birth canal is wide and open for a speedy delivery.

Chiropractic involves the rapid release of gas bubbles from the joints, sometimes producing a “popping” or “cracking” sound. The adjustment also helps reset your nervous systems, moving you from “flight or fight” to “relaxed and ready”. Dr. Jones combines healing practices from Eastern and Western philosophies, including Thai Massage Therapy, Yoga stretches, Acupressure, Somatic Therapy, Physical Therapy, Nutrition, and more.

A healthy and happy mother ensures a healthy and happy baby.

Children of all ages benefit from Chiropractic. Whether it’s a colicky baby or a stressed out teen with a heavy backpack, Dr. Jones address the musculoskeletal needs of the entire Family. Infants may experience birthing traumas including torticollis (neck tilt), jaw misalignment (latching & suckling difficulties), collar bone or shoulder displacement, and pelvic rotation.

Like tiny bundles of clay, infants and young children have malleable bodies and Chiropractic for them involves less thrusting and popping and more stretching and molding. Home care is a large part of the process, with parents and older children learning helpful Physical Therapy techniques to correct misalignments and physical challenges during milestones.

Let Dr. Jones help you navigate the complex and, sometimes, confusing parts of parenthood.

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