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Dr. Bobbi Jones, DC is founder of the award winning and internationally known Zen Wellness Center, which thrived in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, from 2011-2023. Dr. Jones has been servicing Los Angeles since 1997 and is currently working on her first book for Self-Care expected Spring/Summer 2024.

She produces 60-Sec Self-Care Videos and other educational content on Self-Somatic Healing using ancient and modern techniques on her YouTube and Instagram. Follow her for self healing tips and updates on book releases, wellness events, and more!

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Somatic Trauma Therapy – “Somatic” means “of the body” and refers to the way we can experience our emotions in our physical forms. These virtual sessions allow you the safety and privacy of your own home in order to lay back, close your eyes, breath, and connect to your physical, and emotional pains, challenges, discomforts…. in order to finally let them go… Dr. Jones will compassionately guide you through the techniques that have saved her life whilst living with a debilitating genetic condition requiring over 40 traumatic surgeries and counting. Traumatic events and chronic stress create changes in your body that can lead to serious illness. Dr. Jones teaches you self soothing techniques based in neuroscience, such as the revolutionary Havening Touch, and the ancient and ever evolving Self-Care medicine of Yoga. Learn more…

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Dr. Dawn Runge, DC, MsN

Dr. Dawn Runge provides 60-90 minutes of evidence-based, progressive, patient-centered Chiropractic, Rehabilitation, & Mind-Body Strategies in a compassionate and healing environment.

60 minutes $125

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Kimberly Hamilton, LMT

Kimberly Hamilton helps free her clients’ bodies from tension acquired through both physical and mental trauma using massage and therapeutic yoga.

She offers Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Meditative Massages with breath work, stretching and Somatic release.

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Dr. Amanda Cohen, L.A.c., D.A.O.M

Dr. Amanda Cohen offers primary care from the East-West Perspective, specializing in patient empowerment and healing the mind, body, and spirit.

At Source Point Wellness, we focus on treating the mind-body and spirit and getting to the source of health imbalances.

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