Somatic Trauma Therapy

Designed and developed by Dr. Bobbi Jones, DC, to help you heal on a much deeper level. Combining elements from her time studying Yoga Massage and traveling in Thailand, along with various Eastern/Indian approaches to wellness and healthcare, such as the Self-Care medicine of Yoga and the powerful trauma healing of the Havening Touch, Dr. Jones brings ancient roots and modern techniques together to teach you how to care for yourself deeply and with Self-Compassion.

“Somatic” means “of the body” and refers to the way we can experience our emotions in our physical forms. These virtual sessions allow you the safety and privacy of your own home in order to lay back, close your eyes, breath, and connect to your physical, and emotional pains, challenges, discomforts…. in order to finally let them go… Dr. Jones will compassionately guide you through the techniques that have saved her life whilst living with a debilitating genetic condition requiring over 40 traumatic surgeries and counting.

Healing requires us to face and feel our discomforts and learn to resolve issues hindering us from thriving. Combining the powerful healing elements of Neuroscience, the Self-Care medicine of Yoga, Self-Massage of trigger points, muscles, and myofascial release, Chakra Balancing, Sound Therapy, and more, Dr. Jones will teach you how to self regulate your nervous systems, heal your deep wounds, and find your inner peace.

Resolve obsessive thoughts, repair negative self-talk, find motivation and direction by clearing your distractions and false limitations and release painful stored emotions from your body. You deserve to feel your best so you can be your best.

60 minutes $150 (sliding scale also available, email drbobbijones@gmail for more information).

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