Private Soundbaths

You are made of waves. Sound Healing has been around since the beginning of music and is an excellent, non-verbal Somatic Therapy. Rest in support and compassion as Dr. Jones helps balance your healing energy.

Combining various instruments from healing traditions around the world, Dr. Jones begins each session with a cleansing of the energetic spaces, a blessing for the healing work, and an invocation of your own intentions and guides for your wellbeing.

Allow the Shamanic bowls, bells, charms, hand drums & hung drums, and more, move the stagnated and stuck energy out of your body whilst lifting and elevating your moods, mind, and motivation.

Housecalls may be arranged for an additional fee.

60 minutes $249

90 mins $349

Dr. Bobbi Jones Healing Arts

3036 Glendale Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90039

[email protected]