EVENT September 7th, 3:00-7:00pm DOGGIE DAY SPA

Our beloved and loyal Canine Companions need special wellness care too. They experience physical and emotional upset and traumas and suffer from pain, headaches, and even the occasional emotional blues when life gets hard in the home.

Our four-legged heros take their cues from us. They mirror our emotions and additudes. When you’re stressed, distracted, and upset,

they can feel it too, and with way more sensitivity and awareness than most humans will ever experience… Dr. Bobbi Jones Healing Arts is excited to present Doggie Day Spa. A monthly Wellness Event for our fuzzy friends and their human companions. Featuring Canine Chiropractic, Massage, Somatic Therapies, Acupuncture, Reiki and more! Local vendors offering Grooming, Organic Treats, and Holistic Training will be sharing their services and goods.

There’s also a Somatic Trauma Touch Class for humans and their ancient pals, which is designed to teach you different scientifically tested forms of therapeutic touch, including the revolutionary new breakthrough in neuroscience and healing from trauma, The Havening Touch, for petting your pup, and yourself. (You are also a mammal and have the same survival and emotional needs. We all know now that touch is essential to mammalian life itself, The Havening Touch and Techniques have literally saved, and keep saving, Dr. Bobbi Jones’ lifetime of medical CPTSD.) These self-soothing ways that all mammals are born with as reflexes, but we forget or our socialized out of. These, often repetitive, self-touch techniques we all have from birth, like a baby rubbing its own face to help it fall asleep…

Your Doggie and You need that too. For the entirely of your lives. Loving and self-soothing touch… Your fluffy, floofy, furry friend already touch and self-soothe themselves through repetitive, trance-inducing behaviors such as grooming, shaking, barking, stretching, yawning, resting, sleeping. What can we learn from their own self-soothing behaviors?

Unfortunately, modern living induces chronic stress and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), or even Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD), in which many scientists agree that then entire human species is currently facing CPTSD from the pandemic, its associated lockdowns, the lack of social support, or community, or touch… Humans suffered and most suffers till from the effects of complete isolation and collectively facing our own morality, whilst watch loved ones perish suddenly as the world was blanketed with unknowns, questions, trials and errors. We have all been traumatized… that means your beloved best friend has been too… And these effects are especially heightened if your precious little one was rescued from the streets or from an abusive environment. This class will teach touch and sound healing techniques to help create a sense of safety, support, and relaxation in order to rewire traumatized neural pathways in the body and brain through the science of plasticity and the magic of your own built in self-soothing, mammalian reflexes.

This class will also designed to to help you, the ape, understand the constant, yet sometimes subtle, non-verbal ways (body-language) your dog, the canine, is communicating their needs to you. Being sensitive to your companion’s body language helps you anticipate prepare, and provide for them in a more holistic and complete way. The way they anticipate, prepare, and provide for us unconditionally and without pause.

Reciprocate your unconditional love by booking a session or two for your pup. Sessions are 30mins for $100 and a portion of the proceeds go to the local non-profit Wags and Walks Rescue.

Saturday, September 7th, 3:00-7:00pm BOOK HERE! MIX & MATCH HELP TEH RESCUE COMMUNITY! BOOK NOW!